Here, we will summarize the purpose of pre-registrations and Online Registration, explain briefly how it can be configured, what to expect as the final results of a participant being pre-registered, and how all of this ties into the HCR.


The purpose of pre-registering participants is to:

  • identify which participants are interested in playing hockey within your association
  • collect registration fees for playing hockey
  • provide receipts
  • gather information on the participant such as addresses and contact information
  • simplify the task of adding participants to teams in the HCR when it comes time to build your rosters  

You can manually pre-register participants in the HCR by adding a Pre-Registration record to the participant's profile.  This record mainly identifies the Association, Season, Division, Class, Category, and Position in which the participant is interested in playing hockey.  Online Registration automatically adds this record for you, eliminating the need to manually register kids yourself.  It eliminates the need to have in-person registrations, mailing out and handling registration forms, manual processing of payments, and ensuring they are entered in the HCR.


The main aspect of Online Registration is configuring registration Packages.  

Packages are what the parent will choose to register their kid into hockey.  A parent can only choose ONE Package per participant they are attempting to register.  

The Package will mainly identify:

  • all the required aspects of the Pre-Registration record (Division, Position, etc) that will be added to the participant's profile
  • the fees to charge the parent
  • the questions you need answered to gather additional information on the participant, such as any Tracking Items
  • …and more

The Package also contains numerous settings to further refine the registration process, such as:

Numerous other settings exist to customize your Online Registration system, which you will find in the Solutions on this support portal.


The ultimate results of an Online Registration include:

  • adding the pre-registration record to the participant's profile 
  • creating an Order on the participant profile that identifies the fees and payments for accounting purposes and for providing receipts 
  • store participant information provided by the parent such as addresses, contact information, Tracking Items, and other custom questions