Decide if you wish to Accept Credit Card Payments

The first decision you must make before you use Hockey Canada’s Online Registration System is whether or not you are going to accept Credit Card Payments.

If you do choose to accept Credit Card Payments, you will need to setup an Internet Merchant Account with our providers QuickEnrollment or Paysafe, this process could take up to 6 weeks to finalize.  Hockey Canada DOES NOT ask for, or have access to, any credit card information.

Using our Online Registration system is completely free for your association. However, there are administrative costs for an Internet merchant account that you pay to your credit card payment provider.

There are three (3) main types of payment methods you can offer your membership:  

  1. Cheque 
  2. Money Order 
  3. Credit Card 

If you wish to setup an Internet Merchant Account for credit card transactions, you have a choice of 2 payment providers:

  1. QuickEnrollment Online Fee Collection Services (OFCS)
  2. Paysafe / Netbanx

If you have not received the Online Registration Information package from the helpdesk, you will when you activate your online registration system, as per the next section.  More information on these providers will be provided to help you in your decision along with additional info on Online Registration.

Once your Internet Merchant Account with one of these payment providers is ready to go, the provider will contact the helpdesk to enable your credit card option.   You do not need to contact the helpdesk yourself to have it enabled.  Helpdesk will not enable it until your provider says it is good to go.

Activating your Online Registration System

If you haven’t done so already, you will need to submit a support ticket to the Helpdesk to activate your MHA’s Online Registration System.  This only needs to be done once and your Online Registration system will be available for your association for all subsequent seasons.

You will need to provide them with the following required items on your support ticket before your Online Registration System can be activated: 

  1. Your Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) username(s) that will be using or setting up the Online Registration System within the HCR. They only need the HCR username of every person that will need access to configure Online Registration for your association. This is the username you use to login to the HCR.
  2. Your MHA logo in any image file format (gif, jpg, png, bmp, etc.). Preferably a square logo with white or transparent background.
  3. Your MHA mailing address (this will appear on the website in the header on the top right) 
  4. Your MHA website 
  5. MHA contact name 
  6. MHA contact email address or phone number to display for parents (this will appear on the website in the header on the top right) 

Once this information is provided, the helpdesk will let you know when your Online Registration is ready to be configured.